San Diego.

This past week we were beachin’ it up in San Diego with the Moores.

SO much fun & so many memories — segways, sandcastles, spelling bees, oh my!

We laughed a lot and got sunburns.

We played games, watched sunsets, and saw sharks.

We ate In & Out (some of us twice! — okay, I was the only one that ate it twice).

Good times. Thanks Barry & Julie for organizing everything, we loved it!


Here are a few photos from our Friday — including one of Penelope’s latest habit which has me contemplating a hardhat investment. Everything {and I mean everything} gets thrown over her shoulder these days (superstitious, maybe?). Blocks, books, food, milk, her babies. We’ll clean her messy face and rush out the door, just to find a few hours later that we missed a couple chunks of peanut butter sandwich stuck to the back of her head from her earlier tosses. I’ve recently dodged a few bulletsĀ  blocks, but don’t be surprised if you see me sporting a black eye — I’m sure my luck is close to running out.

little legs & her silly antics.

We’ve got ourselves a little walker.

She had never taken even one step on her own before, but decided to freak us out yesterday by just getting up and suddenly walking half a mile across the room. It was so weird. And so funny. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Good job, baby girl!