a whole new girl.

It’s like something magically changes after the first birthday rolls around. My baby transformed into a toddler overnight. While she’s been using sign language for several months, her sign language just seems different. Older. She motions “more” and then points to what she wants. She sees me laugh, and then she laughs. Almost like we’re laughing at inside jokes. She recognizes Bryce in pictures and points, saying “dada”. She just one day started taking naps in her own crib (halle-freaking-lujah! It’s about time). When we’ve been away and then return, she squeals as we walk into the room. She upgraded to her “big girl” car seat, which has cured so many car ride crying spells — she absolutely loves it. And she eats peanut butter.

Instead of having a little baby, I now have a little buddy. And i like it.


One thought on “a whole new girl.

  1. I know what you mean that you have a little angel now in stead of a baby.she grows so fast and it is wonderful to notice all the changes in her.Before you know it she;ll walk and than comes the fun part because she will be into everything and you’ll need an extra pair of eyes.she is a darling little girl and we love her very much.Keep it up mom you’re doing a great job with her.

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