11 months.

Less than a month until my sweet girl turns one.


I can hardly believe it.

The first thing I hear every morning over the monitor – “uh-oh”. This is her way of telling me she’s awake. As I walk into her room, she greets me with a high-pitched “hi” and a wave. I reach down into the crib and she wraps her little arms around my neck tightly and lays her head on my shoulder for two or three seconds. I squeeze her. She shoves her hands into my chest – that’s her way of showing me that I’ve hugged her too long.  She then gives me a big kiss. Every morning. She has never woken up sad or upset. This makes me happy.

When she learns a new word, she repeats it over and over and over — all day long. One week it’s “mama mama mama mama”, the next “dada dada”. Then it’s “bye bye”, “uh-oh”, and “hi”. She says “papa” and tries to say “baby” and “ball”. We also hear “woah” and “mooo” and “woof woof”.

Every night Bryce walks through the house with her and lets her turn off all the lights. She likes that a lot.

Lately, she has also realized that she can take a moment or two to rest her head on a pillow when she’s sleepy.

She also enjoys playing with her cousin Hudson. He is always so gentle and sweet with her. He likes to feed her treats and pull her around in the plastic bin. He’s going to be a great big brother.

And we’re still working on that “walking” thing. She still gets nervous about standing on her own and prefers to crawl. I hear things can get a bit crazy once they figure it out, so I’m not rushing it :)


One thought on “11 months.

  1. heather I love all the pictures that you send and a love the command about Hudson.Another month and she is one year old.It went by so fast.Is it not wonderful to be a mom specially when she hugs and kiss you and calls you mom.It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.good mom and she loves you..We love her too and enjoy to see her grow.Grandma

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