black balloon.

Crazy-busiest weekend of my life.

First and foremost, was the birthday of THE best dad on the face of the planet. We decided to plan a little surprise for him by welcoming him into the “Over 50 Club” with some of his old geezer 50+ friends. We did our best to hide any hint of party from him for weeks & weeks. We slipped up SO many times and were certain he knew what we were up to. But he was clueless.

We ate LOTS of Dutch food. And the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

I also had the opportunity to put together 50 envelopes full of 50 memories for him from friends & family. After his party, we sat down together and read all 50 memories. Several tears were shed. It was a very special moment and I will forever be grateful to those that helped out by sharing their thoughts, wishes & memories.

Happy 50th, daddy!

(and no, he did not rent a Segway for his birthday. That’s HIS! now you know where I get my impulse shopping gene. crazy old man.)

And although this infamous black balloon was intended for Dad, Penelope seemed to have claimed it somehow.

From the moment she saw that balloon on Saturday, it was attached to her hand. That poor balloon had its fair share of bumps and bruises before she was done with it. So I thought I’d take advantage of her new appendage and get some shots while we were at it.

I hope all you mothers, mother figures, and future mothers had a beautiful Mother’s Day.

I know I did! My two sure spoiled me! …………….AND I spoke with my missionary. 36 more days! Woohoo!


One thought on “black balloon.

  1. heather you did a very nice job for your father.i am so glad that every one loved the food.Penelope had fun with the black balloon.was it for your father?like the picture on his new toy.and penelope was happy all by herself.good job. grandma

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