This is my mom.

This is my mom crossing the finish line of her first half marathon.

She conquered twenty or thirty of the most massive hills I’ve ever seen. She is my role model. And she has inspired me to start running again.

Before I got pregnant with Penelope, Bryce & I would run with my mom at 5:45am several times a week. We would run 5k routes most days, but would up our run to a 6 miler once a week. I have done little-to-no exercise (and that’s an overstatement!) since my pregnancy, so starting up has been hard.

This week I reached 1.25 miles of consistent running. I look at that number and laugh. 1.25 miles?! That’s it? Kind of embarassing. But my mom doesn’t think so. This is our conversation via text:

Me: “I just ran 1.25 miles! That’s a quarter of a mile more than last week.”

Mom: “Yay! Awesome job, girl. Keep it up!”

I ran 1.25 miles. She just ran 13.1.

13.1. That just seems like too much for this weak body of mine. But, I think I’ll keep running. And maybe I can join her for another half marathon in the fall.

Congratulations, Mom!


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