girls camp.

Kyle Stake Girls Camp 2012 started this past Monday.

The theme this year was “Bloom Where You Are Planted”.  I was asked to come up on Monday night as a guest speaker and share part of this beautiful talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I am re-inspired every time I read it.

Tuesday night we were also able to attend camp, hang out with our beautiful girls, listen to our Bishopric share great stories, and cook & eat insanely good food (these chicken/bacon/avocado quesadillas, salad, sparkling strawberry limeade, and my favorite of the night ….PINK LEMONADE PIE!).

My sweet mother has been away at camp all week — Dad was also able to come up Tuesday night to see her. He and I have felt a wee bit frazzled without her. Of course, I had to sneak away and snap a few shots of these two while they spent a few moments catching up.

Look at these girls! They’re gorgeous! And I’m so very proud of them.


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