7 months & the discovery of humprey.

I cannot believe how busy we’ve been this past month. So busy that I forgot to make a 7 month post for Penelope – shame on me!

So here it goes:

This girl loves her some spinach/peas/pears/broccoli/rutabaga (pretty much anything green). She has perfected sitting unassisted. She says ‘dada’, ‘papa’, and ‘woooah’. She has started saying ‘mama’ but only when she’s sad or crying. She is practicing her crawling — she gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, and although she’s not full-fledged crawling yet, she seems to make it across the room or wherever her little heart pleases. Oh, and she sprung a third tooth.

She likes being silly, showing off, fake coughing, and laughing. A few of her favorite things: peekaboo, other children & her dolly.


Now, if you really know me well, then you know I have a teeny tiny obsession with camels. Yes, those “nasty”, spitting creatures with the hump.

Since I was a wee one, I have been collecting camels — stuffed ones, bronze ones, papier-mâché ones — basically anything I could get my hands on. My interest in the beanie baby fad peaked when I found out TY had in fact produced a rather cute camel. Don’t mind the fact that they only produced somewhere around 500 of them and starting bids on eBay were around $5000.  While I was pretty successful in roping my parents into this fad, they somehow weren’t convinced that a 12 year-old needed a $5000 stuffed toy. TY’s business started dwindling as the fad began to fade. In an effort to boost business, TY ingeniously came out with a collection of the rarities but in a larger size, including Humphrey the Camel. You better believe I jumped on that marketing ploy!

And since then, Humphrey has been a part of my little family of camels. Call me crazy, but I always dreamed that my child would take interest in camels and be able to include Humphrey in her playtime adventures. She just recently began showing interest in the ol’ Humps. And you better believe I had to get pictures of that for posterity’s sake!

…and one of P and daddy….for good measure.


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