4 month stats.

name: penelope
age: 4 months
height: 25 inches – slightly taller than average
head: just a little larger than average
weight: a mere 12 lbs 14 oz

favorite foods: breastmilk
still nurses: a lot

naps: hardly any. if we’re lucky, 30 min in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.
she: knows she needs them, but fights them.
bedtime: 9 pm
sleeps: 10.5 hours
requires: very dark room

hair: brownish-red, slight wave in the front, balding in the back.
preferred style: deep part with a headband.
eyes: blue
lips: for kissing
teeth: none

hates: not knowing what’s going on
loves: bath time

rolls: from back to tummy – and she smiles so proudly when she does it
most likely to: put anything in her mouth


hobbies: singing songs, laughing at mommy’s made up songs and silly dances, watching videos of herself

favorite toys: sophie the giraffe, douglas the horse, mom’s hair, mom’s iPad, her toes
favorite time of day: mornings and bath time
favorite song: old  mcDonald, “Baby” by justin bieber
favorite car rides: all of them
favorite friends: anyone small
favorite pastime: pulling her mothers hair
favorite parent: she’ll never tell!


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